TC: Celtic Tarot

TC: Celtic Tarot


Author: Hughes, Kristoffer & Down, Chris

Description: Embrace the power and magic of the ancient Celtic mysteries. Journey with gods, goddesses, and magical allies into a world of enchantment, mystery, and inspiration. Discover the secrets of the Cauldron of inspiration, transformation, and rebirth with the magic of the Celtic Tarot. Join the Fool on a spectacular journey through the wonders of life as he greets and meets ancient Celtic archetypes on his quest to deepen his understanding of the Big Questions. This is not just a deck of cards, it’s a storehouse of ancient myth, magic, and mystery. Based on the Rider Waite system but designed to express and transmit the depth of the Celtic mysteries, this deck plunges both reader and querent into strong currents of magic.

Publisher: Llewellyn

ISBN: 9780738744766

Dimensions: 20.3 and 13.3 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2017

Page Count: 78 Cards & 336 PP Guidebook

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