Book of Herb Spells, The

Book of Herb Spells, The


Author: Darcey, Cheralyn

Description: Herbs can heal, comfort and nourish and they hold ancient energies that people have used throughout time to create magick spells. This same magickal power in nature is yours to explore with everyday sacred herbs so that you may also facilitate change and find the support and inspiration you are seeking. Along with 60 sacred herb spells from Cheralyn Darcey’s personal nature grimoire, The Book of Herb Spells features spellcasting and spellcrafting basics, magickal gardening, supply sourcing and dedicated lessons on how to write and cast your own spells. To complete your treasury of herb nature magick, a beautifully illustrated personal grimoire journal section is provided to keep your own bespoke herbs spells.


ISBN: 9781925682267

Dimensions: 18.5 and 14.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/05/2018

Page Count: 200

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