Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions


Author: Newmark, Amy and Walden, Kelly Sullivan

Description: Sixth sense, gut feeling, instinct. Whatever you call it, sometimes we have no logical reason for knowing something-but still we know it. In this collection, you’ll read 101 stories of intuition, insight, and inspiration that will amaze you and encourage you tap into your own inner wisdom. We all have the ability to tap into our intuition, but often find it hard to do. Dreams and premonitions are often the way our intuition or our faith in the beyond manifest. You will be awed and amazed by these true stories from everyday people who have experienced the extraordinary. The 101 stories in this book will enlighten and encourage you to listen to your dreams and your own inner voice.

Publisher: WOODSLANE

ISBN: 9781611599503

Dimensions: 28 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 1/01/2016

Page Count: 400

ISBN: 9788189988234
Dimensions: 22.9 and 15.4 cm
Publish Date: Mar-09
Page Count: 564

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