Chinese Astrology, Orion Plain and Simple

Chinese Astrology, Orion Plain and Simple


Author: Dee, Jonathan

Description: Though perhaps less well-known here than its Western counterpart, Chinese astrology is every bit as illuminating and provides an equally valuable shortcut to self-knowledge. Jonathan Dee, the well-respected author of several books on astrology, tarot, and fortune-telling, reveals all the mysteries of the art in this informative volume. Filled with legends, charts, and history, it contains all of the essentials for working out your Chinese horoscope including the animal signs for each birthday year, month, and hour. Each sign receives a richly detailed and enlightening explanation.


ISBN: 9781409169598

Dimensions: 19.8 and 12.9 cm

Publish Date: 1/04/2017

Page Count: 176

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