Ghosts of the Civil War

Ghosts of the Civil War


Author: Newman, Rich

Description: The Civil War left behind unforgettable stories of brave soldiers, heartbroken families, violent battles . . . and a paranormal legacy that continues to fascinate and scare us more than 150 years after the war ended. Paranormal investigator Rich Newman presents over 160 different locations with reported supernatural activity related to the Civil War. Explore major battlefields, smaller skirmishs, forts, cemeteries, homes, and historic buildings teeming with ghosts. Discover the rich history of these Civil War locations and why so many souls linger long after death. Featuring terrifying, heartbreaking, and captivating ghost stories, this book helps you uncover the supernatural secrets of America’s deadliest war.

Publisher: Llewellyn

ISBN: 9780738753362

Dimensions: 20.3 and 13.3 cm

Publish Date: 1/10/2017

Page Count: 264

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