Medicine Bag, The

Medicine Bag, The


Author: Ruiz, Don Jose

Description: One of the main tenets of shamanism is a belief in the power of rituals and ceremonies to manifest change in the physical world. Every shamanic school on the planet uses rituals and ceremonies as tools for personal transformation. In this book, shaman and New York Times bestselling author don Jose Ruiz explains many of the most popular rituals and ceremonies used in shamanism and instructs readers how to perform these rites on their own. This book is a how-to guide for creating power objects and animal totems and learning how to do soul retrieval, recapitulation, dream training, and more. The son of don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the world-renowned Four Agreements, don Jose Ruiz is a shaman in the Native American Toltec tradition.

Publisher: Hierophant Books

ISBN: 9781938289873

Dimensions: 17.7 and 12.7 cm

Publish Date: 15/03/2020

Page Count: 256

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