Mysterious Orbs Author : Michelle Brennan

Mysterious Orbs Author : Michelle Brennan


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Michelle Brennan’s life reads like an adventure novel. She is a medium and sees orbs with the naked eye, feels their presence and communicates with them. She follows instructions from the spirit and angel realms and journeys around the world to explore amazing places, sacred sites, pyramids and temples where she works with Mayan, Inca and Native American Indian Shaman. She will amaze you with her ability to capture them in her photography, which is leading edge. Orbs are highly evolved spiritual beings and those selected for the purpose of this book attract specific energies. They have channelled through verses indicative of the energy they emit, along with inspirational messages of guidance that will assist you on your spiritual journey. In addition, Michelle gives an account of the circumstances surrounding their appearance. Their messages of peace and love are inspirational and will open your heart and mind. You will see the world through different eyes.