Nutrition for Intuition

Nutrition for Intuition


Author: Virtue, Doreen and Reeves, Robert

Description: Nutrition for Intuition shows the connection between what we eat and our spiritual abilities. Previous books have spoken about how to become psychic, and how to trust your intuition, through meditation, prayer and so on. While these methods are extremely effective, meditation alone may not change your intuition if you continue to ingest unhealthy, low-vibration foods. Nutrition for Intuition recognizes this, and speaks about how to enhance your natural gifts by combining good dietary practices with energizing spiritual techniques. This book also covers the pineal gland and its connection to clairvoyance, as well as the energetic properties of nutritional supplements like zinc and magnesium. Readers will learn exactly what to eat and drink to increase their intuition, and what to avoid in their diets.

Publisher: HAY HOUSE

ISBN: 9781401945411

Dimensions: 23 and 15 cm

Publish Date: 1/01/2016

Page Count: 240

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