Spiritual Guidebook, The

Spiritual Guidebook, The


Author: Comerford, Anna

Description: A comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering healing and psychic techniques. Tap into your intuition, your heart and soul and be amazed at how your skills unfold and develop in surprising ways. The Spiritual Guidebook includes information about opening the third eye, chakras, tarot, mediumship, crystals, Reiki, healing, meditation, channeling, automatic writing, auras, scrying, psychometry, energy, essential oils, yoga, guides, shamanism, numerology, health, quantum physics, sacred geometry, self-hypnosis, mind power, spirit releasement and setting goals. The book will expand your psychic knowledge and intuitive healing abilities in ways you never imagined.


ISBN: 9781925682632

Dimensions: 230 and 150 cm

Publish Date: 1/09/2018

Page Count: 312

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