There Is Nothing Sweeter in Life Than a Granddaughter

There Is Nothing Sweeter in Life Than a Granddaughter


Author: Blue Mountain Arts Collection

A granddaughter brings immeasurable joy to a grandparent’s life. Watching her grow and change and achieve so many of her dreams is a constant source of wonder and pride. You’d do anything in the world for her, but the greatest gifts you can give are the ones that emanate from the heart… unconditional love and support, the sense of where she comes from, and the confidence in knowing she has a family behind her, believing in her and cheering her on. Granddaughters grow up so quickly, and this book is a delightful way to capture in words the thoughts and feelings you hope your granddaughter will always remember.

This 7.9-x-5.2-inch paperback book from Blue Mountain Arts has an eye-catching cover with French flaps, is perfect bound, and has colorful illustrations throughout. Perfect for a birthday, Christmas, Easter, or “just because,” this book is a loving tribute to an amazing relationship that spans generations and a lasting way to let a granddaughter know she will always be a sweet part of your life.

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