Third Eye Meditations

Third Eye Meditations


Author: Shumsky, Susan

Description: Open the doorway to infinite consciousness through meditation, visualization, and affirmation. “Shumsky has been there. That’s what makes her a great teacher.” -Larry Dossey, bestselling author of Healing Words Meditation has become more popular than ever. Though millions practice it, many are not getting the relaxing, healing, spiritually uplifting experiences or positive effects they desire. Third Eye Meditations is different. It offers effortless, joyful ways to enjoy profoundly uplifting results without previous training, skill, talent, or practice. What is “guided meditation”? It’s a way to be led step by step, moment by moment, through the process. Just reading the words will take you into deep meditation and awaken higher aspects of your being.


ISBN: 9781578636723

Dimensions: 15.2 and 15.2 cm

Publish Date: 1/03/2020

Page Count: 224

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